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How To Make Your Own Bamboo Flutes EBook Making bamboo flutes make bamboo flutes flute making instructions
How To Make Your Own Bamboo Flutes EBook 

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How To Make Your Own Bamboo Flutes
EBook by Marek Gold
A Step By Step Guide

How To Make Your Own Bamboo Flutes EBook Making bamboo flutes make bamboo flutes flute making instructions

How to make Bamboo Flutes. Everything you need to know. With this ebook and the flute making instructions you can be making high quality, musically tuned bamboo flutes in no time! Make them for pleasure, for sale - the sky's the limit.

This Ebook covers everything you need to know about making your own beautiful bamboo flutes. There is nothing like playing a bamboo flute that you've made yourself. The upliftment and satisfaction is beyond words. It can only be experienced.

Bamboo Flute Shakuhachi Style

"How To Make Your Own Bamboo Flutes" is suitable for the beginner as well as the experienced bamboo flute maker.  It progressively and logically covers critical aspects of bamboo flute making right from selecting and harvesting the bamboo to the final finishing of the instrument.

By the time you've finished the book and actually made some bamboo flutes you'll have a powerful understanding of the topic and know how to make bamboo flutes. Also you will larn many vital concepts that will enable you to actually develop your own bamboo flutes. You will become an artist with the knowledge to create instruments of your own design if that's the way you wish to go.

That's one of the main aims of the book. To help you create and bring out your own spirit by putting your energy into the bamboo flutes. The different flute models covered in the book are Side Blown Flute, Shakuhachi, Native American Flute Bamboo Recorder and the Bamboo Sax. However as I have mentioned the book will enable you to develop your own instruments because you will have an understanding about sound and how it relates to bamboo flutes.

When I started to make bamboo flutes there was virtually no information on this amazing topic anywhere. So like many things that I've done in my life I worked it out myself through hard work and a lot of experimentation. I've done most of the ground work for you. By following the methods described in this ebook you'll save a lot of time stuffing around, stabbing in the dark and wasted bamboo! You'll have an incredible head start that I did not have when I embarked on Bamboo Flute making.

I've put a lot of time and effort into this book. It is the compilation of methods and techniques, some of which took me  years to perfect. Flute making procedures that I have not seen anywhere else. It is indeed a rare and detailed book. I am sure that this book can enable you to become a master flute maker if you've got what it takes.


A Little Background on Bamboo and Sound

How To Make Your Own Bamboo Flutes EBook Making bamboo flutes make bamboo flutes flute making instructionsSince the beginning of time people have played music for relaxation and spiritual upliftment. This is because sound has a transforming property beyond words. Most of us have experienced feeling a bit low and all of a sudden being elevated to a state of joy by a piece of music.

Over the ages an enormous variety of instruments have been used to tune us into music and to express outwardly with sound what we feel within. Perhaps the simplest way of making sounds is with wind so it is not surprising that flutes are the oldest instruments on earth. Flutes indeed predate humankind. There have always been trees for instance where a hollowed out branch has broken off and the rush of the wind across its opening has produced the sound of the flute.

Flutes then have a special quality all of their own since they are played with the breath. And just as the breath is the most vital energy source for the body, the sound of the flute is food for the soul. When we play or hear a flute we are resonating with an eternal vibration. This is the spirit of life.

Throughout history bamboo has been a favored material for flute making. This is due to its naturally hollow interior and wonderful resonance. Another reason for its use is that no two pieces are the same so a flute made from bamboo is truly a unique item and possesses a personality of its own.

Models covered so far in This EBook

This is a book about bamboo flute making. There are many different types of bamboo flutes as you can imagine. The purpose of the book is not so much to present a detailed description of how to make all the types of bamboo flutes but to show you general principles that will apply to all flutes. Once you are proficient at the methods outlined in the book you should be able to make virtually any type of bamboo flute.

However to illustrate the general principles I have covered the complete making of five of the most popular types of flutes. These are described as follows. More models will be added in time.

Side Blown Flute

Side Blown Flute

This is probably the most well known type of bamboo flute. It is used by many cultures around the world. Played in the same position as the modern concert silver flute. 



The traditional Japanese style of end blown flute with only five finger holes. It is one of the most simple of all instruments with ancient origins. Tuned to a pentatonic scale, the SHAKUHACHI produces a sound that is said to reflect the spirit of nature. Described as one of the most meditative of all instruments, it is also one of the most expressive. It has been used for centuries by Zen monks as a meditative tool. In recent times its use has greatly diversified to encompass many styles of music.

Nowadays for many reasons its popularity is becoming widespread. One is its ability to produce endless variations in tone and pitch. And due to the huge increasing interest in matters relating to personal growth its use as a powerful catalyst for centering is being recognized. Playing the SHAKUHACHI with the required approach and breathing techniques can lead to a total relaxation of mind, body and soul.

Native American Flute

Native American Flute

In recent years there has been a huge surge in popularity of the Native American Flute. Traditionally this flute has always been made from wood. But who is to say it cannot be made from bamboo also? In fact we've made very beautiful Native American Flutes from bamboo sounding equally as good if not  better than any wooden flute I've ever heard. 

Bamboo Sax

Bamboo Sax

An end blown reed flute played in a similar manner to a clarinet or saxophone. It uses a standard saxophone reed and has a very dynamic sound not unlike a concert instrument. This gives everybody the opportunity to learn how to play a reed instrument without the huge expense. By becoming familiar with the Bamboo Sax the transition to a brass or woodwind instrument is a relatively simple procedure.

Because of its compact size it can be carried in your pocket and is ideal for travelers. It can easily be taken to places you wouldn't dream of taking a real saxophone such as the beach or bushwalking. It also serves as a handy practice instrument for accomplished reed players on those occasions when one just wants to have fun without all the fuss of a brass sax or clarinet.

Simple Bamboo Recorder

Bamboo Recorder

We'll also look at the making of simple bamboo recorder. Strictly speaking a recorder is not really a flute for reasons covered later. But many people like these instruments so I've included a section on these. Just in case you are wondering about the picture. Of course I know that it bears absolutely no resemblance at all to bamboo. As it happened at the time of writing I did not have a bamboo recorder around so I drew the picture myself.




Here are some great things people have said about this ebook

When I first got interested in bamboo flutes I almost gave up because I could not find any reliable information.

Then I found this book. It was, and is, a treasure trove of information answering every question and more. Even the author himself helped me along the way many times.

I've learned how to make concert quality tuned flutes of all kinds including saxophones and how to craft tools and harvest bamboo. I've also applied the knowledge in the book to make my own unique instruments and musical scales!

This is the best bamboo flute book for anyone at any skill level of bamboo flute making. I made bamboo flute making a big part of my life and it would not have happened if I had not found this book and Marek's help.


Hi, hope all is well. Just thought I'd send you a picture of my first recorder. I'm really enjoying the book and looking forward to trying the native American flute.


Dave Devore


I have been on a downward spiral over the last 12 months. Hate my job what's the point , all that stuff. I ended up having a bit of a breakdown. Your book proved to be just what I needed to re connect with what's important. Making a thing of beauty out of natural materials and then learning to meditate with that instrument is a very fulfilling experience. Life isn't all about profit. Your book has been a vital tool in my recovery.

Ian M

I finally download and bought the full version. I am very pleased. I have made a few flutes myself and your tips will save much trial and error in tuning the holes and bore.


Hi Fluteman!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the flute making ebook. As a matter of fact, I have created 3 Native American flutes so far using freshly cut bamboo by following your preparation and curing procedures. I am including a picture of one of the flutes I just finished.

Gary C

Hello Marek!

First, let me say that your book has been awesome!  You're right.  There's not much out there as far as resources on how to make bamboo flutes.  I looked online for two days before finding your e-book.  Since I've read your book I've been caught with the bug! (my family would more likely call it obsessed! ;-) I'm looking very forward to making these flutes. Thanks so much for such an informative resource!

Happy bambooing!!

Stephanie E

I've just purchased your ebook. What a splendid piece of composition, layout, and beauty. It is precisely the book for which I've been searching. I've enjoyed the ebook immensely. I've made several flutes, but I'm especially enjoying the bamboo saxophone.

Marek, I thank you for what you have done, what you have given the world with your ebook.  Well, enough for now from this 71 year old student of yours.

James D. S.

I bought your E-book about a year ago, since then I have been making flutes based on your instruction. Some of them have been excellent and some have been trash; however, I've just finished my first Native American flute and it turned out great. Anyway, I'm so proud of it that I wanted to show you a couple of pics and say Thank You.



The Price

By now you may be curious about how much the Ebook costs. I thought a lot about this and tossed around many prices in my head. What must be remembered is that "How to Make Your Own Bamboo Flutes" is not a novel or some light reading material that you read once and forget about. It is step by step manual that will enable you to make your own beautiful bamboo flutes.

Whatever you choose to do with this knowledge is your own business of course. But it should always be remembered that you can always sell you instruments if you wish and make some extra cash. And you can do this by doing something you love. In fact I personally know of a few people who have learned to make the bamboo flutes from my Ebook and set up their own business making them! It has given them a whole new avenue and purpose in life!

So the benefits of this Ebook are many. Not only will you gain satisfaction from making your own beautiful flutes you will also be spreading the sound of the bamboo flute and uplifting everybody you come in contact with. And you can make some cash as well! Making money doing something you love! What more could you ask for?

Well anyway for now I have priced this great Ebook at US$29.95. Also if you even ever sell just one flute you've made your money back! And believe me bamboo flutes are easy to sell if that's the way you want to go.

In the end though it's not about money at all of course. It's about the sound of the bamboo flute.  May we all hear more of it.

Happy Flute Making
Marek Gold (Fluteman)
23.9.1953 - 6.12.2006

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